At Asiago’s Italian Restaurant in Boise, not only do we love wine, but we love sharing the tips and suggestions our guests need to feel comfortable ordering a glass or bottle with their next meal. In today’s post, we’ll take a look at the top four Italian red wines that we think everyone should try.

If you’ve been staying in your comfort zone for a while, then be sure to try at least one of the wines that made our list and see what you think. You never know, you might have just found your new favorite wine! Call Asiago’s Italian Restaurant in Boise today to make your dinner reservations tonight!

1. Chianti Classico

The name of this Italian red wine refers to the historic growing area where it is made. It is produced with slightly more strict regulations that regular Chianti, and pairs well with almost any meal. It is based on the Sangiovese grape and is made in the hills of Central Tuscany. You are sure to enjoy the light-bodied structure of this wine that has concentrated aromas of wild strawberries, floral notes, and woodsy touches.

2. Lambrusco

Lambrusco is a wonderful Italian red wine to try, but it’s important to know that Lambrusco refers to a grape family and its grouping of appellations (name or title). There are five appellations, but they are all clustered in Emilia-Romagna around the city of Modenta. This wine is one that will pair well with almost any meal that you can think of, which is all the more reason to order a glass! There are five appellations with the lightest being Lambrusco di Sobrara DOC and the darkest and richest one being Lambrusco Grasparossa di Castelvetro DOC.

3. Sangiovese

This is the number one grape from Italy. Out of the hundreds of varieties of Italian grapes, there is no other variety, red or white, that is made into wine more than Sangiovese. The name translates to the “blood of Jove,” which refers to the Roman god Jupiter. There are a number of wines that are based on this grape, which means that you should have no problem finding a glass that is light and easy or complex and brooding, depending on your taste. Look for rich red plum and tart cherry flavors, notes of smoke, oak, and oregano as you enjoy your first taste of this delicious wine!

4. Barbera

Sometimes confused with Barolo due to their similar-sounding names, the Barbera is formally known as “ the little brother” of Barolo. It is often more affordable and easier to drink than its “big brother.” One interesting thing that you might notice when you try it is that somehow it is both rich in taste and light-bodied. Normally these two features aren’t found together in one wine, which is part of what makes a glass of Barbera stand out. Be sure to look for the notes of strawberry and sour cherry flavors as you enjoy this delicious wine from Italy’s Piedmont region.

We hope that today’s post has been helpful in providing some of the tips and information that you need to venture out and sample a new glass of wine. At Asiago’s Italian Restaurant in Boise, we love wine so much that we made sure that each of the wines we serve is carefully paired with our freshly-cooked dishes. Call to make your dinner reservations now!