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Asiago’s is proud to bring award-winning Italian cuisine and an excellent wine bar to Boise. Whether you’re a lifelong resident of Boise, or simply searching for some great Italian food while you’re passing through, stop by Asiago’s for the best Italian food around.

We love living in Boise, and in today’s blog we wanted to share some must-see places and fun activities in our great city. If you’re a resident of Boise, see if there’s anything our city has to offer that you may have missed. If you’re new in town or just visiting, this list is a great start of what Boise has to offer! Whatever you choose to do in Boise, make sure you cap off your trip by stopping by Asiago’s to try our Italian cuisine and wine bar!



Asiago's Boise

1. Check Out Downtown Boise

Asiago’s is conveniently located in downtown Boise, and we’re not the only attraction to see on your visit to downtown! Just a few blocks away is the beautiful Idaho State Capitol Building. Take a walk around the historic building, or schedule a guided tour in advance to see where so much of the history of Idaho has taken place. If you want to take things at your own pace, our downtown is perfect for walking, biking, and taking in the sights and great local businesses.

2. Enjoy a Beautiful Day at the Boise River Greenbelt

One of the best attractions to visit on your trip to Boise is the Boise River Greenbelt, one of the great parks the city has to offer. The Greenbelt is nearly 25 miles long, with plenty of green space and activities along the way. Boise is known as a very bike-friendly city, and the Greenbelt is a perfect place to get some exercise — if you’re visiting from out of town, be sure to rent a bike for the day! The Greenbelt also features an array of other attractions, such as the Bernardine Quinn Riverside Park where you can boat or swim, the Natatorium Pool, and the Anne Frank Human Rights Memorial. There’s also something fun or educational to discover in Boise.

3. Check Out Our Amazing Museums

Boise has a rich history and culture, and this can be seen in our selection of fascinating museums to visit on your stay. Learn about the Basques ethnic group at the Basque Museum & Cultural Center (or visit the Basque Block!), see some incredible art at the Boise Art Museum, or learn about Idaho’s storied history at the Idaho State Museum.

4. See the Beautiful Natural Features

There’s so much to see in Boise, both indoors and out. If you’re ready to check out some of the beautiful natural areas surrounding Boise after a day at the museums, there’s no shortage of attractions! Because of our city’s convenient location near the mountains, there are many outdoor activities within an easy driving distance. Interested in rock climbing? Check out the astonishing Black Cliffs. Want to ski in the winter? The nearby Bogus Basin offers great skiing and winter sports activities. There’s also no shortage of nearby trails perfect for hiking or mountain biking. Or, if you want the thrill of outdoor sports with the convenience of staying in the city, check out the Boise River Park.

5. Stop by Asiago’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar!

As you can see, the fortunate residents of Boise certainly aren’t short of amazing activities to do, and there’s a huge variety of activities to discover for visitors. However you choose to spend your adventure in Boise, be sure to visit Asiago’s Italian Restaurant and Wine Bar during your stay. We’ve been serving Boise with the best Italian food around since 1991, always prepared from scratch. Stop by for lunch to get some energy before your exciting day in Boise, or stop by after a long day of exploring to cap it off with a drink at our wine bar! Book your reservation at Asiago’s today!