fresh tomatoes and pizza dough rolled with rolling pin

The secret ingredient to any Italian dish is always something fresh. At Asiago’s Restaurant & Wine Bar in Boise, we do everything we can to provide our customers with delicious meals, and that includes using fresh ingredients in the dishes that we prepare. Hand-crafted in the kitchen by our skilled culinary team, our meals are cooked-to-order, so you and your guests can sit down and enjoy a true Italian experience, every time you take a seat.

When it comes to Italian food, using fresh ingredients is an absolute must, for a few different reasons.

Classic Flavors

Ask any Italian chef what the most important aspect of an Italian dish is and they will undoubtedly tell you it’s the use of fresh ingredients. Fresh, high-quality ingredients bring out the classic, bold Mediterranean flavors of Italy. The bold aroma of garlic, the fresh scent of basil, and the juiciness of ripe tomatoes are what bring these dishes to life. At Asiago’s, we take pride in creating authentic, Italian flavors, whether it’s for a traditional Italian dish or one with a more adventurous, eclectic approach to Italian cuisine.

Vibrant Colors

So much of Italian cuisine depends on the ripeness and juiciness of tomatoes. Depending on the texture of a tomato, sauces can become softer or stronger, and more or less vibrant as well. By using a fresh and ripe tomato, you get the signature red hues in Italian sauces sauces that make a dish look so appetizing. The same rule applies to fresh Basil leaves and other Italian herbs. You want the bright green to contrast against the reds for a truly eye-catching presentation.

Healthy Nutrients

When you use fresh foods, you gain the most nutrients out of them. For example, when using garlic, a superfood, you gain all of its vitamins, minerals, and antibacterial properties at its fullest. The same goes for fresh herbs, cheeses, and oils. We use fresh herbs for potent flavors, and fresh cheeses for a richer experience. Olive oil is known as liquid gold for all of its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties, so it’s crucial that we use only the freshest and cleanest olive oil as a base for our cooking.

A Mix Of It All

Italian food truly mixes up quite a bit of ingredients in order to create a variety of delicious dishes that we all know and love. While we use fresh ingredients, we also use a blend of some dried herbs, such as dried oregano, to bring out the freshness of garlic or the acidity of tomatoes. Our chef specials are inspired by the season, so you may find our dishes incorporating some local ingredients as well. From small bites to hearty dinners, at Asiago’s, we make sure to create an enjoyable experience for you and your family.

Fresh ingredients and pasta made in-house daily is what sets us apart from other Italian restaurants in Boise. Stop by Asiago’s Restaurant & Wine Bar today and enjoy one of the many delicious dishes for a taste of quality Italian cuisine.