There are many traditions in Italian culture that celebrate saints, holidays, and other important events in Italian history. Today, we’ll take a look at a few of the most popular Italian holidays and the activities that are involved with them.

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Scoppio del carro

An Easter celebration, Scoppio del carro is a festival that marks the triumph of the First Crusade. Participants build a grand cart in the shape of a tower, which oxen then pull through the city of Florence. Easter mass is held in a square outside the cathedral, Piazza del Duomo. The oxen are led away, and at the climax of the mass, someone lights the fireworks attached to the tower. This sets off a series of fireworks which cover the tower, burning it to the ground in a breath-taking display of colored sparks and explosions.

La Macchina di Santa Rosa

The city of Viterbo celebrates Santa Maria Rosa every September 3 with this festival because they credit her with saving their city from disease in the 1600s. Like Scoppio del carro, this festival also involves a tower, but it is not set on fire. Men carry the five-ton tower through the city. Due to its enormous weight, it takes about 100 men who train specifically for this task throughout the summer. In fact, the men, called facchini, are specifically chosen for the job. Each year, the tower is created as a result of a design competition with the patron saint of the celebration placed atop the tower.


This Italian summer holiday was, traditionally, a period of relaxation. In fact, Italians used to take off work for the entire month of August to enjoy a vacation. Eventually, the Catholic Church incorporated the holiday to become a celebration of the Virgin Mary. Today, Italians get just one day off in the month of August, and they celebrate this national holiday on the 15th of the month.

Carnivale di Venezia

Every spring, Italians celebrate for two weeks with a massive party called Carnivale di Venezia. Parties, parades, live music, and masquerade balls are all involved in this great celebration. Masks can be simple half-face masks or more elaborate full-face masks called bauta. There are many family-friendly events at Carnivale di Venezia, but the masks and party atmosphere definitely contribute to the reputation that Carnivale is an “anything goes” celebration.

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