For Italians, aperitivo (aper-i-TIVO) is a glorious few hours. A time-honored ritual of a drink in the late afternoon and early evening to sit, unwind, and enjoy the atmosphere of the piazza and good company. It’s the Italian way of winding down the workday; savoring the moment while celebrating the day’s triumphs, reconnecting with friends, and settling into the evening – with relaxing drink, small-bites and appetizers. It’s quintessential Italian, and also an excellent way to stimulate the appetite for the upcoming meal.

While the tradition is more often found in the north – where it was in vogue in the 1800s in elegant bars in cities like Torino, Genoa, Firenze, and Venice – it has now been embraced around the country.

Join us – Monday-Friday during 3 to 6 pm for drinks and complimentary antipasti crafted by our skilled culinary team – as we bring a little bit of Italiano culture to Boise and claim it for our own. It’s libations, food, & joy.

We’ll see you soon. Cheers!